Internal Control and Risk Advisory
Every business organization is subject to some kind of risks depending upon several factors such as the products and services it sell, the market in which it functions, the sources through which it is financed, and the way it utilizes its resources. A good corporate internal control has now become an integral segment of risk management framework. The prime purpose of corporate internal control is to promote economical as well as efficient operations that go with the objectives of an organization. Since a good internal control system ensures that the resources are utilized only for their intended purposes, a great advantage is that it helps to overcome the risk associated with the misuse of organization's funds and other resources. Assessment of risk involves the analysis and establishment of plans in order to prevent the risks associated with the attainment of company's objectives

Role of Suresh Anchaliya & Co.:

  • Process Design Evaluation
  • Business Process Redesign.
  • Mapping the key processes, intra-group and outsourced, of risks and controls.
  • Suggest ideas to improve and optimize the different levels of control.
  • Development of/ and or review of an Organisations Risk Management Strategy and Policy;
  • Review of an Organisations Risk Appetite and evaluation criteria including a review of or development of Qualitative and Quantitative Risk Evaluation and Assessment rating scales;
  • Risk Management Training.

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