Direct Taxation
Managing tax complexity to maximize value is a key consideration of every major business decision. Tax experts at Suresh Anchaliya & Co. provide advice on direct and indirect tax liabilities arising out of domestic and international transactions with the emphasis on effectively optimizing taxation structures that are in sync with our clients business.

Direct Tax Compliance

We undertake preparation and filing of Income Tax Returns with the Tax Authorities. Further, we assist our clients in making correct and timely payments of tax dues such as Advance Tax, Self Assessment Tax, TDS, etc.

Direct Taxation Litigation Services

Complicated direct tax litigation at all levels of the Income tax Authorities is our forte.

With the growing complexities and stringencies of the Income Taxes in India, no organization can rule out the wrath of litigation they may face by the Tax Authorities.

Tax litigation in India requires a comprehensive approach with the assistance of a sound legal team and skillful handling at various tax fora.

We possess the experience, acumen and the manpower to represent our clients through tax assessments before the tax department including the international tax department. We also represent clients in transfer pricing assessments before the Transfer Pricing Department and in appellate forums such as Commissioner of Income Tax (Appeals) and Income Tax Appellant Tribunal (ITAT). We help in mitigating hardship and offer intelligent tax advice in a result oriented manner.

Search, Seizure and Prosecution Litigation

The search and survey operations conducted by the Income tax department, commonly known as Income tax raids, has always been one of the worst nightmares of businessmen, high net worth assessees and corporates. The premise of this dread is generally the huge tax burden, massive penalty payments and even possible prosecution actions which may lead to a catastrophic effect on the business and mental tortures faced by the assessees.

Though surveys are not dreaded as much as search and seizure operations, often they are considered to be a step towards such operations. Most of the fears for such operations are valid and the negative impacts are generally unavoidable, though the impact can be much lesser if the assessee has reasonable knowledge about various aspects relating to the raids.

Suresh Anchaliya & Co. have a unique expertise and knowledge in handling search, seizure and prosecution cases and litigation. Our endeavor is to advise our clients through all the stages of the search and seizure operations in order to mitigate the hardship of tax burden and penalty payments by assisting them with the assessment and litigation and the related compliances.

Direct Taxation Advisory

Today, not only companies but other entities like individuals, Hindu Undivided Families (HUF), Partnership Firms, Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP), Association of Persons (AOP), etc. have realized the importance of taxation and its related costs with efforts to mitigate the tax incidence.

We adopt a "result oriented approach"which is flexible and focuses delivery and value as per the client's need. In order to help our clients keep themselves updated with the frequently changing compliances, we provide solutions in a timely and effective manner.

Tax Deducted at Source (TDS)

  • Advice on all matters related to compliance of TDS/TCS provisions.
  • Obtaining Tax Deduction Account Number (TAN).
  • Periodic review of TDS/ Withholding Tax compliance.
  • Computation of monthly TDS.
  • Monthly reconciliation of TDS due and deposited.
  • Monthly deposit of TDS electronically/manually.
  • Issue of monthly/annual TDS certificates.
  • Filing of quarterly E-TDS/Manual Returns.
  • Filing of Correction Statements.
  • TDS assessment.

Settlement Commission

Hon'ble justice Mr. Kailas Nath Wanchoo headed a committee constituted by the Central Government (1971), which recommended setting up of Income Tax Settlement Commission, to serve as an alternative Dispute resolution body. On the basis of such recommendation The Income Tax Settlement Commission (ITSC) was set by Centeral Government up with effect from 1.4.1976.

The motive behind to setup commission is to provide alternative platform to unintended defaulters or onetime tax evaders because One 'Case' settled by the Commission, reduces litigation in respect of an applicant for several years relating to proceedings of various nature, such as assessment, penalty, prosecution, tax collection, etc. Also it reduce burden of Income Tax Department also because each such proceeding before an Assessing Officer of the Income Tax Department is appealable before Commissioner (Appeals) and later before the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal and where it involves question of law, even up to High Courts and the Supreme Court.

Our taxation advisory team is highly knowledgeable and well conversant with the tax laws to provide services relating to ITSC.

Succession Planning

Globally, about 80 percent of companies are family-owned and are also to a large extent managed by members of the founding family. India is no exception.

The rapidly changing business backdrop has also made succession planning traditionally a difficult issue for family businesses more crucial than ever. Those Indian family run and managed enterprises that have been extremely successful in the past will do well to recognize the importance of market forces and proactively implement action plans to ensure the future survival and growth of their organizations.

We at Suresh Anchaliya & Co. understand this crucial need of traditional family owned businesses for succession planning ensuring tax efficiency.

Tax Review (Due Diligence)

The due diligence investigation is normally carried out with the knowledge and co-operation of the management of the entity being investigated.

The analysis of various taxes is one of the most complex areas that are encountered during an investigation. We provide expert tax advice through a highly qualified team which has in-depth knowledge, of the entity’s industry and of the tax nuances faced by it.

We also undertake assignments for investigations mandated by the departments like Service Tax Department, VAT department, Investigation Wing (Crime Police), etc.

Broadly speaking, our direct taxation services would include the following:

  • Consultancy on various intricate matters pertaining to Income tax.
  • Effective tax management, tax structuring and advisory services.
  • Tax Planning for Corporates and others.
  • Designing / restructuring salary structure to minimise tax burden.
  • Obtaining Advance tax Rulings.
  • Obtaining No Objection Certificates from Income tax department.
  • Obtaining PAN for assessees, employees etc.
  • Advance tax estimation and deposit.
  • Assessing the liability towards deferred taxes.
  • Providing regular updates on amendments, circulars, notifications & judgments.
  • Filing Income Tax and Wealth Tax returns for all kinds of assessees.
  • Filing Income tax returns for employees of corporate clients.
  • Liaison with Income tax department for rectification, assessment, obtaining refunds etc.
  • Expertise in complicated direct tax assessments.
  • Filing and pleading appeals under various provisions of IT Act.
  • Special expertise in search, seizure and prosecution litigation.
  • Advice on future tax implications in respect of the potential acquisition.
  • Opinions on the various Double Tax Avoidance Agreement related issues.
  • Settlement of various issues raised under FEMA.

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