Drafting & Conveyancing
At Suresh Anchaliya & Co., we also assist our clients in drafting/ conveyancing of various documents/ deeds. Our draftsmen are very skilled in understanding the client's requirements and converging them with appropriate legal language while drafting documents/ deeds. to any M.O.U, Joint Venture, Collaboration, Partnership Deeds, Lands, and Properties, Sale & Purchase etc., Registration of sale Deeds, Relinquishment Deed, Family Settlements & Power of Attorney etc.

We have proficiency in drafting commercial and non commercial agreements and pleadings such as special leave petitions, plaints, written statements, PIL memos, writ petitions, interim applications by way of notice of motions, chambers summons and other legal documents including:-
  • Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • Power of Attorney
  • Will & Trust Deed
  • Deed of Sale
  • Licensing Agreement
  • Partnership Agreement
  • Land/ Property Agreement
  • Sale/ Purchase Agreement
  • Registration on deeds/ agreements
  • Relinquishment deed
  • Family settlement
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